Young Australian Woman Struck by Lightning, Killed


Young Australian Woman Killed by Lightning

Young Australian woman, Lauren Brownlee, 25, was killed in a freak lightning strike. The young woman’s aunt, Melissa Brownlee, said the family is still struggling to accept the tragic event. She said, “My brother did a sensational job, she was an elegant, beautiful, young lady and she just loved her dad and her mum.” Lauren was from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.

Victim Recently Moves to Melbourne

Lauren had recently moved to Melbourne. She was working in real estate alongside her partner, Ben Hollow. Hallow was also seriously injured in the lightning strike. The couple stopped at the side of Sunset Drive in Chimside Park. They had decided to watch the thunderstorm that hit Melbourne Friday night. The car was parked near a tree that appeared to have been struck by lightning.

A Country-Girl at Heart

Melissa said that Lauren had grown up a country girl. She loved animals. She said, “She always had a pet duck or chicken. And she always had that drive, she was just an honest young lady.”

Melissa said, “I was at the hospital and I looked up that 90 percent of people struck by lightning survive. I was calling friends to get them to pray for her.”

The family was stunned at her death.

The young woman will be buried in Wagga Wagga.