Women’s March on Washington, Jan 21


Women’s March on Washington Expected to be Huge

Women’s March on Washington is scheduled for the day following President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, Jan 21. The march will bring a wide range of groups to come together to repudiate Trump. What began as a spontaneous feminist rallying cry, via social media, has grown into what is anticipated to be one of the largest demonstrations in American history. Marchers are likely to number in the hundreds of thousands.

Women’s March Will Feature Many Diverse Groups


More than 200 progressive groups, large and small, have already signed on as supporting partners. Their issues include a variety of areas from legal abortion to voting rights, racial and gender equality, the environment, and so forth. Kaylin Whittingham, president of the association of black women attorneys, said, “A march of this magnitude, across the diversity of issues has never happened before. We all have to stand together as a force no one can ignore.”

More than 300 simultaneous local protests will also occur across all 50 states. Support marches are planned in 30 other countries, organizer Linda Sarsour said. “We have no choice. We need to stand up against an administration that threatens everything we believe in, in what we hope will become one of the largest grassroots, progressive movements ever seen,” Sarsour said.


Many of the marchers plan to wear a hand-knit pink “pussyhat.” Sarsour said, “It’s never happened that so many people have gathered in opposition to the new administration on day one. Will it be the largest US mass mobilization ever? I’ll be able to tell you on January 22.”

Men are invited.