Will President Trump’s State Visit to UK be Prevented?


Will President Trump’s Visit to UK Take Place?


Will President Trump’s state visit to the UK be cancelled following his issuing an executive order clamping down on immigration to the US? Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn said it would be “totally wrong” for the visit for go ahead later this year. A petition to stop the visit has gathered 500,000 signatures. This means it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

The visit was announced during Theresa May’s visit to the US this week although no date was set. Downing Street were asked for a response to the calls to cancel. A spokesman said, “We extended the invite and it was accepted.” Mr Corbyn said, “I think we should make it very clear we are extremely upset about it, and I think it would be totally wrong for him to be coming here while that situation is going on. I think he had to be challenged on this. I am not happy with him coming here until that ban is lifted, quite honestly.”

“Any visit by President Trump to Britain should be on hold until his disgraceful ban comes to an end,” according to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the visit should not happen while the executive order was in place. He said, “I am quite clear, this ban is cruel, this ban is shameful, while this ban is in place we should not be rolling out the red carpet for President Trump.”