Welcome Back!


After recovering from a number of medical issues it is my intent and my desire to bring this newspaper back. However, it is going to have a new and different focus. This is because I believe the future of the United States, its stability, as well as its future, is at stake. Therefore, I want to head this paper toward politics. I hope this will be of interest to you because I want to invite your opinions, your thoughts, and your ideas. I want to write articles that will focus on issues aside from what other news focuses and pounces on. For example, I believe it is important we know more about our president and the leading contenders he is facing for the position. I feel we should know more about the families of our candidates, or, for example, the reading level ability of our president, or the level of education each contender has achieved. Please stand by my side as we enter this tunnel – not knowing where it will lead us.