Watch Out, Here Comes the Winter Vomiting Bug


Stay Away from the Bug!

Seeing Christmas lights and ornaments in department stores is a sure sign that winter is quickly approaching. Winter is a tricky season because, besides cold temperature, snow, ice, and so forth it also brings an assortment of illnesses. One of these includes the dreaded norovirus.

Norovirus is the main cause of gastroenteritis, which, in laymen’s term, is an unpleasant inflammation of the digestive system. One positive note about norovirus is that it is not life-threatening. However, be warned, plan to spend a few days resting as you will suffer everything from diarrhea to explosive vomiting. You will also suffer from a fever, headache, as well as aching limbs.


Another positive is that you will probably be feeling much better in a couple of days. There is an exception for the young and the old as they may become very dehydrated sometimes requiring hospitalization.

Norovirus a very contagious. You can easily catch the bug from an infected person as well as a contaminated object. Since food can be a main source this leads to outbreaks in the office, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. The winter of 2016-2017 indicates the virus is 29 percent up from last year.

There are some suggestions for people who contact norovirus:

  • Do not go out in public until 48 hours after your symptoms subside
  • Instead of visiting you doctor, and spreading the virus to others, call the office
  • Try to wear gloves when touching shared surfaces
  • Do not share food or utensils
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of rest

Everyone needs to do their part to keep the winter vomiting bug far away from us.


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