Van Driver, in Barcelona, Believed to be 17-Years-Old


Van Driver, in Barcelona, Just a Teenager


Van driver, in Barcelona, that killed 13 and injured more than 100 people is believed to be Moussa Oukabir, 17-years-old. Originally the massacre was thought to have been a result of Driss Oukabir. Oukabir, a Moroccan, in his 20’s, denies he was the driver. Now it is believed that his brother, Moussa, may have used his brother’s ID to rent two vans in his name. He planned to use one van to drive through the busy shopping area in Barcelona while the other van would be used as a getaway car. The older brother insists he was not involved and that his personal documents had been stolen.

The alleged young driver was a user of a social network a couple of years ago. The network is called “Kiwi” and it allows people to ask and answer questions. One user asked him what he would do on his first day as the supreme king or queen of the world. Moussa responded, “Kill the infidels; leave only Muslims who follow the religion.”

The manhunt continues for those involved in the horrific act. It is possible that the young man is already dead. After the attack five people were killed by police in Cambrils. It is reported that they were wearing fake explosive belts and had an axe and knifes in their car. Police say that Moussa may have been one of them.