Let’s End the Month with a Smile on Our Face


Missing Girl Found

We need some happy news, a happy story! Actually, there are many of them. For example, singer Rihanna donated $5 million to fight the coronavirus. There is a 90-year-old woman who contracted the virus and is recovering in a nursing home. The owner of Federico’s Pizza & Restaurant in New Jersey took out a $50K loan to make sure his employees received their paychecks. Lowe’s is donating $10 million in protective products to hospitals across the nation, Elon Musk has purchased 1,255 ventilators to donate to hospitals in Los Angeles. 

Four-Year-Old Found

Then there is this story: four-year-old Vadie disappeared a few days ago when she was out walking with her nanny and her hound dog. Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said searchers found Vaid Sides after two days of intensive searching in the woods in Alabama. 

Young Girl Going Too Fast

Vadie said, “We took a walk but then I got too fast and got running and got lost, and then I started calling for nanny, but nanny was too far.” The girl was found in east Alabama. She was in good shape, and her dog was by her side. She said, “I slept by a road the first night, and the second night I slept where they found me.”

Search Team Member Speaks Up

One of the search team members said they were searching the woods. Suddenly they heard a dog bark. Next, they saw the girl pop her head up, and the team saw her bright red hair. 

Mother Speaks Out

Amanda Sides, the mother of Vadie, said, “We have been overwhelmed by the unending unbelievable support we’ve gotten from this community. Also, the people who kept me alive, force-fed me water and chicken broth, searched the woods endlessly, and basically lived at Nanny’s house until she was found.”

Mother Thanks Everyone Involved

The mother explained that she never would be able to thank everyone enough. She said she was grateful to all of the volunteers who went out in the middle of the global pandemic “to traipse around in the woods, sometimes into the early morning hours. God Bless you all,” she said. She added, “We have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few days, and today I’m finally starting to breathe normally again.”

Everyone involved in searching for Vadie had hope. That’s what everyone needs during this pandemic we all face.