Univeral Children’s Day, November 20


Universal Children’s Day, 2016

Universal Children’s Day was first celebrated on December 14, 1954 when the General Assembly, of the United Nations, recommended that all countries create a Universal Children’s Day. Their goal was to see the day to be observed by children worldwide create a fraternity to create a better understanding between children.


When Universal Children’s Day was first created it had two major goals: to encourage children of all races, creeds and religions to spend time together, getting to know each other and appreciating each other’s difference; and to promote governments worldwide to pay more attention to the welfare of their youngest citizens. Although November 20 is the official day of celebration, the date is often celebrated on different days in different countries.


This year the theme of Universal Children’s Day is Stop Violence Against Children! UNICEF reports that every year millions of children around the world become victims of untold violence. This includes abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. The location can be in the home, at school, in institutions, at work, in the community, or in armed conflict and natural disasters. In some countries violence against children, such as corporal punishment and sexual abuse, remains legal and socially approved.

During the celebration some educational institutions put forth a special effort to inform children of their rights. Some communities have children’s festivals while others have parades. Some places offer festivals while others offer a variety of entertainment. The diversity of events is equal to the diversity of the children celebrating Universal Children’s Day.