Two Police Officers Murdered in Des Moines, Iowa


Officers Murdered in an Ambush

In an ambush style attack, police officers Sgt. Anthony Beminio and Officer Justin Martin were killed early today. Beminio was a member of the Des Moines Police Department since 2005. He has just been promoted to sergeant last year. Urbandale Police Department hired Office Martin in 2015.


Police suggest they will arrest Scott Michael Green as the suspected murder of the two police officers. It is still not known why the officers were shot; however, it is known that the suspect had a conflict with an officer recently while he waved a Confederate battle flag. The flag is a symbol which causes anger and Greene displayed it as the national anthem was being played at the start of a high school football game. During that time Greene complained to police that “African-American people” took the flag from him in the stands. He asserted that they “assaulted” him, and he wanted to press charges. Police officers removed him from the stadium because he was causing a disturbance in the stands.

It is reported that the two officers were sitting in individual patrol cars when the ambush took place. The first murdered officer’s body was found early on Wednesday morning. The second officer was discovered moments later about two miles away from the first slaying. It is still unclear what provoked the 46-year-old Greene but it is believed he acted alone in the murders. Law enforcement officials said Green has “a history of problems and mental issues and was in dire straits.”

Police indicated they will charge Greene with the two murders as soon as tomorrow. Meanwhile, the law enforcement officers are in deep mourning with the loss of the two dead officers. Two other Des Moines officers died in a March 26 car crash while on duty making today’s loss even more difficult.


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