Two Chinese Boys Travel 50 Miles in Undercarriage of Bus


Two Chinese Boys Travel in Search of Parents

Two Chinese boys, “around eight or nine years old” were discovered traveling in the undercarriage of a bus. The two Chinese boys have not been named by state media. They are considered the country’s “left-behind” children.

Two Chinese Boys From a Poor Village 

Both boys are from a poor village in southern Guangxi. They were trying to reach their parents who work in a neighbouring province. Their teacher reported them missing on November 23, and found the same day at a bus station. The boys were caked with mud as they were clinging to the bottom of the bus.

Traveled in Dangerous Conditions

Aside from holding on, in the undercarriage of the bus, the boys also traveled several miles along “steep slopes” – this amazed staff that they were unharmed. Although neither of the boys wanted to talk the staff told Southern Morning Post: “We finally came to understand that these two boys had been missing their mum and dad. They had hidden under the vehicle because they wanted, in vain, to find their parents.”

Relatives of the boys were notified of the situation and the children were picked up the same evening.

It is reported that there are tens of millions of children, across China, whose parents have moved to cities to work. Many of the children live with their grandparents; in extreme cases children live by themselves.