Twenty-Five-Year-Old Rapes, Murders 72-Year-Old


Twenty-Five-Year-Old Murders Pensioner

Twenty-five-year-old man raped and murdered a 72-year-old pensioner. The victim, Jane Hing’s body was found by a caregiver at her bungalow in Fleckney, Leicestershire. Neighbors and friends described the deceased as a kind and thoughtful person. She lived alone and didn’t have any family.

Craig Keogh is Accused of Her Murder

Craig Keogh has been charged with murder, two counts of rape and one of burglary following the woman’s death. The police are also investigating whether the young man stole her car which crashed into a number of cars nearby. Keogh does not have any fixed address. He will appear at Leicester Crown Court on Tuesday. The judge told him, “Mr Keogh, all of these offenses are tied up together and will be heard in the Crown Court. You will be back in court on Tuesday and will be remanded in custody.”

Nearby residents told how Hings was a private person who lived alone. She was an only child and never married. One neighbor described her as a “kind and thoughtful person” who loved her greyhound Paddy.

Her friend, Amee Niezawitowski said, “It’s so sad. Jane was such a kind and thoughtful person. I hadn’t spoken to her for a few months. I think she went into a hospital for awhile and we just kind of lost touch with each other. She knew I was always there for her if she needed anything, all she had to do was ring me. As far as I’m aware she didn’t have any family. Her mother and father died and she didn’t have any brothers or sisters. She’d had her health problems and kept to herself. When she was in the hospital her dog, Paddy, stayed in her house and we would take care of him. He was pretty much everything to her.”