Twelve Pounds of Metal Objects in Man’s Stomach


Twelve Pounds of Metal Objects in Man’s Stomach

Twelve pounds of metal objects in man’s stomach ranged from nails to coins to razor blades They were found in the stomach of Maksood Khan, 28. He went to a hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. Doctors first believed he was suffering from food poisoning until tests discovered the contents of his stomach.

Twelve pounds of Metal Ojects in Man’s Stomach

Khan is a rickshaw driver from New Delhi. Initially the doctors discovered an infection in his abdomen as well as low blood pressure. Dr. Priyank Sharma, the head surgeon, said he was in critical condition before the surgery.

A laparoscope was used during the surgery to remove the objects. Aside from the nails, coins and razor blades doctors also removed nut bolts and chains. The surgery took three hours.

Dr. Sharma said that “post operatively, he was in critical condition for 24 hours and was on ventilator support. Now he’s out of danger but he will need some time for his stomach to recover. There are still two or three coins in his rectum that will pass naturally.”

Doctors spoke with Khan’s family and believe his unusual behavior could be caused by depression. “This is a mental illness. Our psychiatry department also found he might be in depression,” Sharma said.

Khan is expected to fully recover without any long-term damage, according to his team of doctors.