Trump Orders Moscow to Close SF Consulate


Trump Orders Moscow to Move Out

President Donald trump ordered Moscow to close its San Francisco consulate as well as to scale back Russian operations in Washington and New York City. This is in retaliation against Russia’s expulsion of US diplomats. The closures were ordered to take place by today.

Trump Orders Moscow to Shut Down Other Buildings

Russia has also been ordered to close an official residence in San Francisco. In addition, the chancery annex in Washington and the consular annex in New York City must be closed. It is possible that other closures might be ordered to be closed in other US cities.

The temperature in San Francisco, yesterday, was the hottest day on record. It reached 106 degrees. An Excessive Heat Warming was placed in effect. The smog levels were high due to the heat. A Spare the Air Day was in effect from the Bay Area Quality Management District. This alert urged residents to reduce their activities such as driving and using gasoline-powered lawn mowers.

Despite the 106 degree temperatures people started spotting smoke rising from the Russian consulate. It seems that the Russians, during their “moving out” from the building, had decided to start a fire in the fireplace. The Air District tweeted that an inspector had been sent to the consulate. It declared, if they documented an excessive smoke violation, the Russians would be cited. Apparently the staff at the consulate decided to burn unidentified items before leaving the building causing lots of smoke to billow from the Russian consulate.