Some More Trivia To Challenge Your Mind


Who Created the 50-Star Flag?

As these days of coronavirus continue, it might be interesting to learn some fun facts. In 1905 Frank Epperson, 11 years-old, left some soda powder and water outside overnight. The wooden stirrer was still in the cup. The mixture froze during the night. He first named it the Epsicle and sold it around his neighborhood. He later got a patent and changed the name to Popsicle. If you choose to eat your Froot Loops according to their color, you are wasting your time. They all have the same taste. Try this – try to hum while you hold your nose. You won’t be able to.

Other Fun Facts

Octopuses and squids have three hearts. Although we were always told that George Washington’s teeth were made from wood, the truth is they were a combination of gold, ivory, lead, and human-animal teeth. Another falsehood, Washington never chopped down a cherry tree. It’s a myth in a book written by Mason Locke Meems, the president’s first biographer. Another writer, William Homes- McGuffey, repeated the story in a children’s reader. Robert Heff, a 17-year-old, was the designer of our 50-star flag. He created it as part of a high school project. His teacher originally gave him a B- for his flag, but after President Eisenhower called the young man to tell him the flag had been selected as the official flag, the teacher changed his grade to an A.

And More Trivia

Did you know that every day Americans eat enough pizza to cover 100 acres? That totals three billion pizzas a year. We’ve all been taught that Ben Franklin and the founding fathers wrote the constitution. Although they modified it, they modeled it after the constitution of the Iroquois confederacy. King Adolf Frederick of Sweden was considered a weak leader. He was given little respect during his life. They say he died as he ate himself to death. His last meal consisted of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers, and champagne. He then had at least 14 helpings of his favorite dessert. Talk about a big brain – the largest brain on earth belongs to the adult male sperm whale. It can weight up to 17 pounds. 

The Last Of Today’s Trivia

Did you know that when a male billy goat wants to impress a female, he urinates on his own head? Apparently, the smell drives his new-found love wild. King Phillip lV discovered his three daughters-in-law were having intimate relations with knights from his court. Two of the daughters were found guilty and had their heads shaved and were sentenced to life in prison. The knights found guilty were castrated, flayed, disemboweled, and hanged. Hmmm, different strokes for different folks. Some people enjoy eating a Rocky Mountain Oyster. These are bull testicles deep-fried in a batter of flour, pepper, and salt. Someone, somewhere, decided it was a shame to let food go to waste. In 1883 a dog fell out of a 13th-floor window, landed on an elderly woman, and instantly killed her. Onlookers were so shocked that one woman was struck and killed by an oncoming bus. A man died from a heart attack after witnessing the situation.