Changes in Travel Due to the Coronavirus


Airfare, Accommodations

Are you planning a vacation in the future – once the coronavirus travel restrictions have been lifted? If so, you will most likely see a lot of changes in the world of travel. Chances are you will be looking at better deals and better values. Your airline ticket will offer more flexibility. You will find a cleaner, safer airline, cruise line, and hotel facility. Hygiene and safety will be stressed so that all customers will feel safe. Most people in the travel industry believe there will be major price battles that will begin once travel is allowed once again.

Hotels And Airline Discounts

Although travelers have already seen prices drop, they will continue. It is reported that hotels will offer prices up to 80 percent off their regular rates. Passengers on airlines can anticipate 40 percent discounts. These percentages might even become more significant discounts once the travel companies begin their future competition. Hotel operators realize that the guest must have peace of mind, and this requires them to place health and safety as their priorities. Aside from daily room cleaning, some establishments are hiring full-time housekeepers just to wipe down the interiors each day. 

Airlines Are Changing

Some air carriers, such as Delta Air Lines, are boarding just ten passengers at a time. This is to reduce the risk of infection. Most airlines are keeping their middle seats empty to meet the need for social distancing. It is unknown how long this will continue but, most likely, at least through the remainder of 2020. Visionaries believe that more automation will come into play with the airlines. This might include self-check-in. Foodservice might happen via ordering on an app or tablet.

Changes That You Might See

The coronavirus will also affect such things as buffets in hotels. Food exposed to the public might not be around much longer. In hotels, food may, instead, be delivered for in-room dining. Large gatherings such as festivals and concerts will probably not be around until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. This, of course, is to offer a safe environment.

Change Is In The Wind

Coronavirus, among other changes, will affect your next vacation. Fortunately, you will pay less, and you will have more flexibility at least through the remainder of this year. Germaphobes will enjoy the luxuries that will be offered.

Once the coronavirus is under control, we will all see many changes in the world – most likely; these will be changes for the good.