The World Reacts to Impeachment of President Trump


President Donald Trump is the third US leader to face impeachment, has received a considerable reaction from throughout the world. It seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin was the most vocal. During his annual press conference in Moscow today, he said the reasons behind the impeachment vote are “far-fetched.” He added, “The party that lost the (2016) election, the Democratic Party, is trying to achieve results by other means.”

China’s ‘Global Times,’ owned by the communist government, wrote that impeachment had exposed the “true nature” of democracy. The article went on to say, “To many Chinese, it seems that US-style democracy has already become a negative concept, which has brought ceaseless chaos and produced absurd farces.”

Europe had many thoughts regarding the impeachment process. For example, Spain’s ‘El Diario’ said, “…the impeachment proceedings are probably not American voters’ top priority going into the 2020 election.” The newspaper added, “…it ranks below climate change, the economy, and healthcare.”

‘Die Welt,’ a German newspaper reported that “Trump is exactly the type of president the American founding fathers always warned of when writing impeachment into the constitution.” The paper also suggested, “The process will further divide Americans. It would have been even worse if the US Congress had accepted Trump’s behavior as the new normal state of American politics.”

Gerard Baker, a columnist for ‘The Times,’ in the UK, noted that the impeachment process has occurred more often during the past 46 years than during the first 186 years of constitutional history. He even suggested it has become a “routine” political weapon. This is somewhat open to each individual’s way of thinking. It is difficult to believe that impeachment has become “routine” based on three individual situations.

‘Le Monde’s’ Washington Correspondent, Gilles Paris, representing the French newspaper, wrote, “despite damning witness testimonies, Trump’s hold on the Republicans was confirmed in yesterday’s vote and set the scene for the trial to go one way in 2020. The newspaper suggested that Trump will likely be reelected next year. They base this on his popularity in the polls.

The ‘Sydney Morning Herald,’ Australia’s newspaper noted the impeachment story on the front page. The article suggested a strong likelihood the Republicans will acquit President Trump of the charges brought against him. The ‘Herald’s’ Carl Hulse reported that “Democrats have put themselves on the line ‘”not for an outcome but for a principle.'”

And, how did President Donald Trump react to his impeachment? According to CNN, he reacted angrily at a Michigan rally. He even lashed out at Democratic Representative Debbie Dingell by insulting her deceased husband. The TV network also said Trump is hoping to move quickly with the trial. It is said he is distressed that the trial to vindicate him might be delayed.

Trump returned to Washington late Wednesday after what CNN called a “bitter and disjointed Merry Christmas rally.” His rally was delayed as the president waited to hear the outcome of the impeachment vote.
Trump said the impeachment felt anticlimactic. He stated, “I don’t feel like I’m being impeached because it’s a hoax. It’s a setup. It’s a horrible thing they did.”