The Day After New Year’s Eve

All good intentions…

The new year is here. You have your resolutions in place. The first one on your list is to lose 15 pounds. But you began New Year’s day by going to a local restaurant with your family. You ordered three pancakes, two eggs, and sausages. You saw everyone else putting lots of butter on their pancakes followed by globs of syrup. You don’t want to feel out of place, so you follow suit. You did not think much about the eggs; after all, they have some good food values. The sausages, adorned with lots of red Ketchup might not have been your best choice. Well, your diet hasn’t started so well, but you can always go for a run, do some exercises, and be careful with what you eat the remainder of the day.

When you arrive home, you change clothes and put on your jogging outfit. You have decided to run/walk off some of those calories you had at breakfast. Then the doorbell rings. You open the front door, and you greet Anita, your neighbor from across the street. She has a big smile on her face as she hands you a plate of warm cinnamon rolls and wishes you Happy New Year. You sit the delicious smelling cinnamon rolls, covered with white frosting, on the table, and invite your friend in for a cup of coffee. She walks inside and sits down at the table. She immediately takes the saran wrap off the rolls as you pour two cups of coffee.

The two of you begin a conversation as your spouse and children run around the house. Surprisingly, with the smell of the rolls saturating the house, the three of them don’t even investigate the smell. Anita takes the first roll from the plate. She shoves the plate in your direction. Guilt pings fill your mind while desire overtakes the pings. You decide that one cinnamon roll won’t hurt. You feel the warmth of the roll between your fingers. Without hesitation, you take the first bite. It truly is one of the most delicious deserts you have tasted in a long time. You praise Anita on her baking skills. Fortunately, after she eats her roll, she says she is in a rush and hurries out the door. You head back to the table. It would be best if you covered the rolls. After doing so, you will go for a jog. 

You notify your family of your intentions. You also tell them about the rolls you have put in the refrigerator. You open the door, head to the sidewalk, and begin your jog. You finish your first block, and you are already feeling a little tired. You wonder how many calories you have burned. Surely, you think to yourself, enough to rid of the calories in one of those pancakes. Although you slow down a bit, you are pleased, after finishing the second block that you have burned calories from the second pancake. You turn the corner at the next intersection. You feel so successful after completing the third block and killing off that third pancake, such success!

You figure the two sausages surely weren’t more than a block each in calories. You realize what a success you are after completing your fourth and fifth block of jogging. Well, your jog has slowed down a little. Truthfully, you are now walking. Even so, you are burning your breakfast. You feel great!

Soon you arrive home. You open your front door and spot your family downing the cinnamon rolls. They tell you they have saved one roll for you. You have such willpower you head to the family room. There you do 20 jumping jacks. Ha, you’ll show the calories in that roll you ate. Now you do 20 twists followed by 20 head-to-toe touches. Wow, you’re feeling a little tired — one more group of exercises – 20 painful sit-ups. Nearing collapse, you leave the room and, exhausted; you walk to the table to greet your family.

Your spouse hands you the last cinnamon roll, which they have saved for you. Such temptation! Hmmmm…such a decision!

Happy New Year!