Tens of Thousands Protest Across UK Over Travel Ban


Tens of Thousands Protest Over Trump’s Ban


Tens of thousands of people in the UK gathered to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Demonstrators chanted “Donald Trump has to go,” and “shame on May.” Pressure is being put on UK Prime Minister Theresa May to toughen her stance towards the US President after he closed the country’s borders to people from seven Muslim-majority nations. Protesters gathered opposite the gates of Downing Street, in central London, blending one of the capital’s most recognizable streets into a sea of placards. Protesters also marched in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, and Birmingham.

One Muslim addressed the crowd by saying, “America is a beacon of democracy and peace, but Trump’s action will tear the fabric of American society. We call on all peace-loving individuals to stand firm and oppose all racist and xenophobic action.” Former Labor Leader Ed Miliband also attended the march and he told Sky News, “There’s very, very strong feeling about this because I think people think it is at odds with the values of our country and indeed the values of the civilized world. And I really hope Theresa May hears this message loud and clear.”

Signatures continued to be collected to call-off Trump’s future state visit. There have already been well over a million signatures collected. Downing Street continues to stand firm on the decision to extend an invitation to Trump on behalf of Buckingham Palace, saying, “We look forward to hosting the President later this year.”