Teenager With No Limbs, Living in Plastic Bowl, Dies


Teenager, Born With No Limbs, Dies


Teenager Rahma Haruna, 19 has died from a brief illness. Her life was filled with constant pain. The young woman was carried around in a plastic bowl since she was born with no limbs. Haruna passed away on Christmas Day. Fadi, the mother of the girl, explained how her daughter was struck down with a mystery illness when she was six months old.

Teenager Lived Life in Chronic Pain

Fadi said, “From six months when she learned how to sit that was when it began. She didn’t learn how to crawl. she started with a fever and that was it. Then stomach pains.Then her body parts like hands and legs. She cannot use any if the ache strikes.”

Rahma had a major goal in her life which was to become a businesswoman. She wanted to open a grocery store. She lived her short life in Kano in north-west Nigeria. She leaves behind her brother, Fahad, 10, who often carried her around in her bowl. He said, “I help her in many ways. Bathing her is another thing I do. And taking her out everyday. I feel happy whenever I see people helping her. I like talking to our relatives. She feels happy when we visit them.”

Doctors were baffled and some even diagnosed her as having been struck down by a jinn – a supernatural being in Islamic mythology. Rahma remained positive and hopeful throughout her life. She said, “I thank God in everything I do. I want to start a business. A grocery store…that is what I want.”