Teen Attacked by Sea Bugs in Melbourne, Australia


Teen Attacked, Ankles and Feet Covered in Blood

Teen attacked in Australia after soaking his legs at Melbourne Brighton Beach. Sixteen-year-old Sam Kanizay received numerous pin-prick injuries that looked like tiny bite marks. According to his father, Jarrod Kanizay, doctors could not say for certain what caused the bites so he returned to the beach and used pieces of steak to capture “thousands of these little mite-type bugs.” The father told BBC, “I collected these strange creatures from the same spot last night by trapping them in a net and standing in the water myself.”

Mr Kanizay sent samples to marine biologists at Museums Victoria. They identified the species as amphipod, or sea flea. They feed mostly on dead marine animals including fish and crabs. Dr Genefor Walker-Smith told the Australianroadcasting Corp., “If we did not have them, we would have a sea full of dead fish and dead birds.”

It is not known why the teen was attacked. Most likely it was a combination of factors which included the time of day and cold water numbing Sam’s skin. He said he stood for about 30 minutes before feeling the pins and needles around his ankles. He then shook off what he thought was sand. Sam and his family said it took time for the blood to clot and it was “still seeping” the following day.

“By the time I’d walked across the sand, about 20 metres, to put my thongs on, I looked down and noticed that I had blood all down my ankles and feet. It was a bit of a shock and a random thing to see. I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Sam told a reporter.

The young man was in pain after the attack, which followed with an antibiotic treatment. He is expected to make a full recovery, possibly without any scarring.


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