A True Story That is Difficult to Believe


Have You Seen This Man?

Have you ever seen the man from Taured? If you happened to be at the Tokyo airport on a hot day in July 1954, you might have seen him. He was reported to be a Caucasian man with conventional looks. Even so, the officials at the airport felt he looked suspicious. After checking his passport, which looked official, they decided to take him to a room for interrogation.

Where Is Taured?

The officials first asked the man to show them where the country named Taured is located. He put his finger near the area of Andorra. He became confused and a bit angry as he could not understand why his country, his homeland, was not showing on the map. The man, very upset, became very puzzled as he said the country has existed for more than 1,000 years. 

Customs Officials Make A Strange Discovery

During the interrogation, the customs officials found that he had money on him from many different currencies located throughout Europe. They also discovered that many airports throughout the world had stamped his passport. They found he had previously been to Tokyo on several occasions. When the officials became so puzzled by the man, they had him taken to a nearby hotel to spend the night. They needed more time to investigate the situation. They had two guards placed outside his room so he could not leave.

Additional Strange Moments Follow

The man had an overwhelming amount of documentation to prove where he worked. The officials called his workplace, and no one there had ever heard of him. The man told them he was in Tokyo to meet with some company management to discuss a business deal. The company had never heard of him. Finally, the officials returned to the hotel to get the man. When they opened the door, they discovered the man had disappeared. At this point, the police were summoned. They determined it would have been impossible for him to have escaped out of the window as it was located several floors up, and there was not a balcony.

The End

Actually, this story does not have an ending. The man was never seen again. The mystery was never solved.

This just shows that not all stories have an ending. And, yes, it is a true story.