Susan Boyle, From Rags to Riches to Asperger’s


Susan Boyle Has Faced Some Difficult Times


Susan Boyle, a great talent from Britain’s Got Talent, shot to fame after she placed second in 2009. A few months ago she was heartbroken not knowing if she would be signed by her record label to release her new album. Her big fear was Simon Cowell. Representatives of SyCo, the record label, insisted that some lack of communication did not mean they wanted to stop working with her. The record label said they did not plan to drop her, even so Susan felt neglected.

Susan Boyle Suffered Other Issues in Recent Months

Most everyone knows that Susan had a cat named Pebbles. The cat passed away earlier this year. She got a rescue cat she named Tess although her loss was still significant. It is reported she spends a great deal of her time at home alone with the new cat.


Susan said, “They used to roll out the red carpet whenever I was in London. I was their big star. But now things couldn’t be different. I struggle to get hold of anyone from the label by phone. I’ve been told to take three months off and relax but I’m starting to really worry about my future in the industry. What if I’m about to be dropped? All I know how to do is sing. It’s my life but I never get a chance to do it any more. It’s like going back to the days before I was famous.”

Another concern she faced was when BGT’s most famous singer was obviously absent when former contestants took to the stage this year to mark the tenth anniversary of the talent show.

Susan, 55, also had a meltdown at an airport this year. It was also a year she ended a two-year disagreement with her brother. On top of all of this Susan has been more public about her diagnosis of Asperger’s which contributes to her behavior.

Good news finally arrived for the Scottish singer when her seventh album, A Wonderful World, was scheduled to be released by SYCO/Columbia Records. The singer, after making millions of dollars through the last few years, also had one other completed goal added to her list of accomplishments. She had a date. Previously no man had ever kissed Susan. Now she has achieved that goal and her life seems more than bright!