Super Bowl Lll to be Held at the U.S. Bank Stadium


Super Bowl Lll in Minneapolis

Super Bowl Lll will be held at the new U.S. Bank Stadium February 4, 2018. This will be the first time, since 1992, that Minneapolis has hosted the huge event. The city is home to the Minnesota Vikings who are in the NFL North Division. The game will be played in the new state-of-the-art stadium. It seats 66,000 during regular games but is expandable to 73,000 for this type of event. The 240,000 square feet building has been built to endure heavy snow loads that hit this part of the country during the winter.

Suites, VIP Parking, Fixed Roof


The stadium features a fixed roof as well as 131 suites of seven different types. These include 23 ‘turf suites’ located directly on the field. There are also six club spaces with private entry, restrooms, VIP parking, a la carte food and beverage options.

The face value of Super Bowl tickets varies each year. You can plan on paying $800 to $2,750 if you are going to Minneapolis. However, if you are looking to buy tickets through an agency you can expect to add many dollars to these prices. For example, for upper level end zone tickets, one agency is presently offering these tickets at $3800; move up to the upper level corner and add another one hundred dollars; if you prefer the upper level sideline your ticket price will climb to $4450. If you want to go all out you might choose the 100 level premium at $9500; if you want to be a premium buyer at the 100 level field then you are looking at a ticket price of around $11000.

if you are traveling from out-of-town then you also need to add the cost of transportation, food, and lodging. You might want to also take a few extra bucks to buy a souvenir or two.