Stephen Hawking Discharged from Rome Hospital


Hawking Discharged from Hospital

Stephen Hawking has been discharged from a Rome Hospital. The British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking was released from Rome’s Gemelli hospital after being admitted for two days. He was taken to the hospital after falling ill at a conference he was attending.


The hospital is considered one of the best in the country and it is the facility where popes are treated. The hospital released Hawking and said he is in good condition. Hawking speaks through a computer and travels with a staff that includes two nurses. He suffers from motor neurone disease.

Hawking, who was in Rome to attend a conference at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, has been speaking out on current events recently. He has been calling for people to “work together and break down barriers,” in a column written after Donald Trump won the U.S. election.

Hawking, 74, has said it would be a “terrible mistake” to ignore the issues behind Trump’s victory as well as the Brexit vote. He said, “We are living in a world of widening, not diminishing, financial inequality, in which many people can see not just their standard of living but their ability to earn a living at all, disappearing. It is no wonder that they are searching for a new deal, which Trump and Brexit might have appeared to represent.”

He also warned that mankind was “at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity with the technology to destroy the planet.”