The Sparklemuffin was Recently Discovered in Australia


The Sparklemuffin

Australia has many interesting species to share with the world. One recent discovery is Sparklemuffin. This is a peacock spider found a few years ago in Queensland.

Colorful, Jumping Spider
Some people describe the Sparklemuffin as a charming spider. It tends to spend a great deal of its time jumping about. The spider’s abdomen has bright, patterned colors. It is often wiggled, in an alluring dance, attempting to attract a mate. The spider is a member of the Maratus jackatus. Aside from its’ colorful abdomen, it also is known for its sparkly muffin of a butt.

Discovered By A UC Berkeley Student
Madeline Girard, a UC Berkeley student who studies peacock spiders, discovered the new species. She discovered the Sparklemuffin’s anatomy is similar to other peacock spiders – mostly their anatomy. She also observed the fancy dance they do to attract a mate. They raise their legs and wiggle and fan their abdomen flap.

Sparklemuffins Are Very Tiny
If you blink your eyes, you might miss seeing this tiny spider. It measures less than a quarter-inch (five millimeters) long. You can distinguish the males from the females as the former are known for their bright colors. You will be amazed at their vibrant and blue stripes. The females can often fool the males as they look so much alike.

Oh, When The Male Spots A Female
When a male spots a female, he is ready to show “his stuff.” He begins his dance by raising the third pair of legs from his front, and he moves them about. Next, he unfolds the flaps over his belly and waves those around. When he succeeds, and the female approaches him, he begins shaking and rolling his body. The female is able to sense the vibrations he sends through the ground. The male has earned a nickname, “rump shaker.”
Imagine this new species just being seen in the last few years. What else is out there waiting to be discovered?