Shock, Fear in Cannibalism Case in South Africa


Shock, Fear in Village After Cannibalism Discovered

Shock, fear and disbelief has spread through the village of Shayamoya in South Africa after the discovery of a decapitated body. Police discovered a number of human body parts during a raid at a traditional healer’s home. It is believed by the family of Zanele Hiatshwayo, 25, missing since July, that she was a victim of a cannibalism ring which has resulted in the arrest of five men.

Healer Tired of Eating Human Flesh

The young woman’s decomposing body was found after a man, claiming to be a traditional healer, turned himself over to the police. He confessed that he was tired of eating human flesh. Police doubted his story until he produced a bloodied hand and foot as proof. The man led the police to his rented home where eight human ears were discovered in a cooking pot. It is believed that the ears were to be served to his customers. His customers were told the ears had magic properties and would bring them money, power and protection. Several other body parts were discovered stuffed in a suitcase.

Hiatshwayo’s family said, “We can only imagine how she begged for her life, she died an extremely painful death. Her clothes were covered in grass and dust, which is a clear indication that she had been in a struggle to save her life.”

The traditional healer is nicknamed “Mkhonyovu.” When loosely translated this means “the corrupt one or corruption” in the local Zulu language. Residents confessed to eating human flesh. One villager said, “most residents were shocked by this and now live in fear. A few confessed to having consulted with the traditional healer and knowingly ate human flesh.”

The five men, who were arraigned in court on Monday, amid public protests outside the courtroom, abandoned their bail request and will make another court appearance at the end of next month.