Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit


Votes Counted up to Six Times

Serious voter fraud in Detroit reveals that some of the same votes were counted up to six times. This is one of the issues the Green Party candidate’s Jill Stein has been working to expose. After she asked for a Michigan recount it unintentionally exposed this major voting fraud scandal.


Serious Voter Fraud Scandal Exposed

Detroit City Clerk Daniel Baxter, once the recount started, claimed that the optical scanners used to read the paper ballots, did not work the day of the election. He blamed part of the discrepancies on the fact the voting machines are so old. It was reported that nothing like this was reported until the voting fraud scheme was detected.

Baxter reported that when votes tried to push their ballot through the readers, the ballots would be stuck. This would result in the ballot being pushed through once again. This accidentally resulted in a double count of the ballot. He also reported that the poll workers sometimes forgot to adjust the machine count and instead the ballot was counted twice.

It was also reported in one Detroit precinct that a recount team was given a box of ballots with an unbroken seal indicating everything was proper. The tag on the box said there were 306 ballots. The recording book reported 306 ballots. The ticket said there were 306 ballots. When the ballots were pulled out from the box there were exactly 50 ballots in the locked sealed box – not 306.