Salvador Dali to be Exhumed from His Grave


Salvador Dali’s Body Faces a Paternity Suit

Salvador Dali, the great Spanish surrealist artist, died 28 years ago. Now his body is going to be exhumed. The reason? Pilar Abel Martinez claims that Dali is her father. The woman was born in Figueres, Girona in 1956. Her family has been attempting to prove Dali was her father since 2007. The woman claims she is Dali’s child as a result of an extramarital affair the artist had with her mother who worked as a maid.

Woman’s DNA to be Compared with That of Dali’s


The court said it ordered the exhumation due to the “lack of other biological or personal remains with which to compare” the woman’s DNA. In a statement from the Madrid Supreme Court they state the objective of the exhumation is “to get samples of his remains to determine whether he is the biological father of a woman from Girona (in northeastern Spain) who filed a claim to be recognized as the daughter of the artist.”

The woman, born in 1956, took a DNA test in 2007 following her mother’s assertions that she was Dali’s daughter. Hair and skin remnants she obtained from a “death mask” of the painter were used in the test but the results were inconclusive.

According to Martinez her mother told her that she maintained a secret relationship with the painter in Port Lilgat in northeastern Spain. That is the location where she was working as a made for a family who would spend part of the year in that town.

Dali was born in Figueres in 1904 and died there in 1989. In 1934 he married his wife, Gala. The couple never had children. Gala died in 1982.