Rallies Held Across US, “Not My President’s Day”


Rallies Held Across US in Opposition of Trump

Rallies held across US protesting “Not My President’s Day.” Protests were held in a number of cities including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. One of the organizer’s, of today’s events, Olga Lexell said the protests were intended to show Trump there was widespread opposition to his policies and “ridiculous” executive orders. Lexell said, “A lot of people are angry because he lost the popular vote and is ruling like somebody who won by a landslide.”


Rallies Across US Have Different Meanings

Lexell said the rallies are an attempt to “keep the momentum” between the widely attended Women’s March last month and the upcoming Tax Day March on April 15. Today’s marches are intended to send the unifying message to the White House: “No!” Protesters are marching regarding women’s reproductive rights, immigration, climate change, the US-Mexican wall and so forth. New Jersey resident, Janell Kastner said she joined the rally in New York to protest the “gross incompetence” of President Trump. Her hope is the protest “further unifies those of us who do not adhere to Donald Trump’s apparent lack of moral standing.”

According to the Not My President’s Day Facebook page, the protests took place in several dozen cities. In Los Angeles signs read, “No ban, no wall!” Although protests against new presidents are not unusual, David Meyer, a sociology professor at the University of California, Irvine said,”What is unusual is the vigor, speed, size, and number of issues that they’re challenging Trump on. To have a sustained protest every weekend, every couple of days, and it’s a different issue – I’ve never seen anything like this before.


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