Sometimes Dogs Produce a Surprise Litter of Puppies


Litters of Puppies

Have you ever wondered about dogs and their litters? Did you know that the dog’s size pretty much determines the number of puppies to which she will give birth?. A small breed generally has one to four puppies. Bigger breeds have larger litters. This, of course, is because the larger breed has more room to carry more puppies. The American Kennel Club says the Labrador retriever gives birth to the most with an average litter of 7.6 puppies. Dogs between the ages of two and five usually have the largest litters. Female dogs release multiple eggs during the ovulation process. Therefore, they are capable of conceiving every time they mate during this period. Although the pups will have just one mama, they can easily have different papas.

Puppies In The Litter

It is recommended to take your mama dog to see her vet during pregnancy. This will then alert you to how many puppies you can expect. If your dog continues to pant, pace, or frequently change positions, she probably has another puppy to deliver during birthing. If you are concerned if your mama dog can successfully feed all of her pups, the answer is yes. Most large breeds allow for feeding 12 puppies. However, you need to give her extra food while her litter continues to nurse. It is essential to know that she might need as much as three times as much food to eat as she did before getting pregnant.

The Litter Of A Lifetime

A few years ago, there was a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia. The vet told the owner, Damian Ward, that his dog would be having about eight puppies. Tia ended up setting a world record after giving birth to her 24th puppy. Can you imagine 24 puppies who weigh about 185 pounds when fully grown? During her pregnancy, Ward said Tia couldn’t stand up, and the vet said she needed a cesarean immediately. Four of the pups died, the remaining 20 were healthy. Ward said he quit his job to care for the puppies – which was almost a full-time job. Initially, it took four hours to bottle-feed the puppies, and they needed to be fed every four hours. Ward said he eventually got the feeding time down to three hours, so he had an hour off. During the free hour, he spent his time mopping up the “accidents” which were frequent. Eventually, Ward and his fiance, Miss Kellegher, named the largest male, Sherman. Another was named Rocky. The smallest was given the name Tinkerbell. The “family” lives in England. They planned to keep three of the pups and sell the remaining for about $1,000 each. Even so, they needed to move to a larger home to accommodate the three dogs they kept.

There is no doubt this breed of dog is huge – weighing as much as most men. Can you imagine having three of them inside your home chasing after each other and all of them jumping up on you when you arrive home? Good luck with that!