Puerto Rico Situation is Dire Following Hurricane


Puerto Rico Situation Requires Assistance

Puerto Rico situation leaves the US territory, with 3.5 million American citizens, in a state of emergency. The island is mostly without power and water. Many areas look like they have been bombed with houses and apartment buildings standing without roofs and walls. Roads are blocked by debris. After President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency this has freed up federal funds.

President Faced Criticism for Little Discussion

Trump faced criticism for saying little about the devastation on the island until last night. He just announced that he will visit Puerto Rico next Tuesday. The criticism comes from the president spending the weekend, and yesterday, tweeting about NFL players’ protests during the national anthem.

So far, as least 10 people have died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Officials have said that survivors are experiencing “apocalyptic” devastation. People are still having a difficult time assessing the scope of the major damage. Many Americans on the mainland are still having trouble getting in contact with loved ones on the island.

Ten thousand federal forces and supplies from the mainland have been sent through FEMA. Still, it is being said that Trump kept Americans abreast of the situations in Florida and Texas before and after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey hit, his only tweets about Puerto Rico came five days after Hurricane Maria struck the area. He also appeared to criticize the island for its debt burden and crumbling infrastructure. In one of his tweets, Trump said, “Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble.”

Today President Trump said the island is “literally destroyed.” He went on to say that the residents “are important to all of us.” He said that Puerto Rico “is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. It’s a big ocean. It’s a very big ocean.”