If You Don’t Want to Fly on a Commercial Airline, Why Not Rent Your Own Jet?


Rent a Jet

If you are concerned about traveling on a commercial airline these days, facing the possibilities of coming in contact with the coronavirus, you might instead decide to rent your own private jet. Of course, you will need a bank account much larger than most of us have.

Boeing BBJ

You can either take your extended family along or, if you prefer, you might have a business meeting. You can seat 25 to 50 passengers in this VIP luxurious jet. Depending on your rental, you might also have a master bedroom along with a washroom, which includes a shower. Most of these units have a price tag of a little more than $90 million; however, if you just want to take it for a spin around the country, you can easily rent it for about $20,000 – that will give you a full 12 hours of flying time.

Empty Leg Flights

If you are looking for a real bargain, you might look into the empty leg flights. These flights will allow you to travel in optimal luxury at a fraction of the cost. What happens here is this: if a charter service has a one-way private jet charter, the plane is often empty when returning to its home base. These great “last-minute trips” can be had at savings of up to 75 percent. Imagine the savings! You can rent an “empty legs” flight for $1,300 to $3,000 per hour. If you want something a little classier, you can rent a super-mid-size jet at $8,600 to $13,000 per hour. Oh, make sure you check prices before renting as they are always subject to change.

Piper Aztec

If you want to impress the “in-laws” with a weekend trip to the Hamptons, you might want to rent a private jet charter turboprop such as the Piper Aztec. You can begin your trip in New York and fly the 40-minute trip to Montauk for as little as $2,900. If you are taking some family members or extra luggage, you can upgrade to a Cessna Citation CJ3, which will get you there 10 minutes sooner by just adding $1,000 to the cost so your quicker flight will run around $3,900.

It is hard to believe that renting a private jet is becoming a popular way to fly – however, you do need some extra bucks in the bank to do this!