President-Elect Trump Seems Willing to Keep Parts of Obamacare


Vowing to Repeal Obamacare, Trump May Compromise

After repeatedly pledging he would repeal Obamacare, during the recent election campaign, President-elect Donald Trump is now considering leaving in place some parts of the insurance plan.

Trump says he is in favor of keeping the prohibition against insurance companies denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. He also seems in favor of maintaining the provision that allows parents to provide years of additional coverage for children on their insurance policy. He said, “I like those very much.”


Mr. Trump attributes his shift from an all-out repeal of the insurance plan. is a result of his meeting with President Obama during his recent visit to the White House. The president, according to Trump, suggested areas of the Affordable Care Act to preserve. Trump explained, “I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.” He added, “Either Obamacare will be amended or repealed and replaced.”

Trumps decision to reevaluate Obamacare has not sat well with some of his supporters. This was one of his main fights during his campaign and it appears that he has already started to soften on his position. This change in stance has already ruffled some feathers.