Is President-Elect Trump Considering a Special Session to Repeal Obamacare?


Trump Spokeswoman Conway Said He is Considering a Special Session on Inauguration Day

Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway said that President-elect Donald Trump is considering a “special session” of Congress. He isn’t considering just any day. He is considering the session for Inauguration Day, January 20 following his swearing-in ceremony. The purpose would be solely to deal with President Barack Obama’s health care law, known as Obamacare.


Trump has suggested he will keep two components of Obamacare: not turning away people with pre-existing conditions; allowing people on their parents’ insurance to remain there until the age of 26. It is unclear, should Trump have this session, if a new plan will be immediately enacted to replace Obamacare. He has said before that there will not be any interruption in health care service for those using this plan. However, to do this in the next few months, and to have Congress approve it, seems like an overwhelming task.

Conway admitted, ‘It would be a pretty remarkable move.” This is even more so since it is still unclear exactly how Trump and the Republican Congress will address Obamacare when he takes office. Trump told the Wall Street Journal, “Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced.” Either would be difficult to complete in one session, particularly on a day with such a full schedule with Trump being sworn-in as the new president.



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