Pregnant 10-Year-Old Denied Abortion in India


Pregnant 10-Year-Old, 32 Weeks Along


Pregnant 10-year-old has been denied an abortion after being repeatedly raped by her mother’s cousin. The relative is presently in jail, pending trial. The Supreme Court rejected a petition to abort on the grounds that at 32-weeks, she is too far into her pregnancy. A doctor’s panel advised the court that terminating the pregnancy would be “too risky.” They reported that the fetus is “doing well.” The girl is oblivious to what has been going on. One person, who interacts with the girl frequently, said, “She’s very innocent and has no idea what’s happened to her.” To make matters worse her parents missed the telltale signs. Some say this is because the girl is “a healthy, chubby child.” Also, they couldn’t imagine even in their wildest nightmares that their daughter could be pregnant at 10.

The girl has not been told about her pregnancy. Instead, she has been told that she has a big stone in her stomach and the bulge (the baby) is because of that. However, a senior official told the BBC, “She might not understand the exact problem, the gravity of the situation, but I think she has some idea now.” Her parents are struggling to deal with the situation. The family is poor and live in a cramped one-room flat. Her father is a government employee and the mother works as a domestic helper. A policewoman, who has investigated the case, Pratibha Kumari, describes the family as a “very nice family, who are so simple they didn’t even realize what this man was doing to their daughter.”

The Indian government has offered the startling statistics on children and sex in India. For example, it has been reported that a child under 16 years-of-age is raped every 155 minutes; a child under 10 years, every 13 hours. It’s also reported that more than 10,000 children were raped in 2015. The government study reported that 53.22% of children reported some form of sexual abuse.

The pregnant girl was born with a hole in her heart. It was plugged in 2013. Doctors say it is unlikely to interfere with her pregnancy; however, the facts are clear – she is too young to be having a baby. Medical experts agree that she will suffer from mental trauma and will need years of counseling from a child psychologist.

The baby is due by the middle of September. The doctors have decided that it will be a Caesarean delivery. If any complications arise, before that date, the birth could be earlier. The family does not want anything to do with the baby. The newborn will be taken by the child welfare committee until it is put up for adoption.