Police Officer, Who Found Baby in Dumpster, Reunited 25-Years Later


Police Officer Saved At-Risk Baby, Reunites

Police Officer Michael Buelna was a new police officer in Santa Ana, CA. One night he was investigating a crime when he heard the cry of a newborn baby. Some neighbors told him they had also heard a baby crying. He followed the cries and approached a dumpster. The officer moved some of the trash out-of-the-way when he found the tiny baby. Although the baby was alive he was very weak. Officer Buelna noticed that the baby’s umbilical cord was still attached. The newborn was covered in a thin, slimy substance similar to a mucous. Trash and gravel stuck to the baby’s pale skin. The officer cradled the newborn in his arms. He noticed the baby’s breathing was faint so he tried to him a little breath. The baby reacted to the officer’s breath. He was alive and well. The baby was rushed to a nearby hospital. Paramedics worked on the boy to save his life.

Baby is Named Adam


On the way to the hospital Officer Buelna decided to give the newborn a name. He chose ‘Adam.’ The officer had become attached to Baby Adam. He decided he would try to adopt the baby. However, before he had a chance to organize the paperwork, to begin the adoption process, the baby was taken by another set of parents. Elizabeth Barton and Daniel Fernandez, of Orange County. They just wanted a child of their own. They took the baby home and named him ‘Robin.’

Through the years the adoptive parents gave Robin a wonderful home. When Robin was about 24 years old his parents decided to tell him what had really happened when he was born. Realizing he had been left to die in a dumpster, only to be rescued by Officer Buelna, he decided he wanted to meet the officer.

Officer Buelna continued to work on the force. He then retired in his late 50’s and went to live at his home in Orange County. He said he often wondered what happened to ‘Adam.’

Soon after Robin Barton turned 25 he tracked down officer Buelna. He went, with his adoptive parents, to the officer’s home and met him in person. The two embraced, talked, and shared some tears. During this meeting Robin learned that the officer has also been abandoned as a child. He and his four siblings had been abandoned by their mother at a very young age. They were forced to enter the system.

Robin was glad to have had the chance to meet his rescuer. He looked him in the eye and said, “Thank you for saving his life.” Weeping, Buelna assured him that it was his pleasure and that he is so glad things worked out for ‘Baby Adam.’