Pilot, Preparing for Take-off, is Found Passed out Drunk


Pilot Tests Three Times the Legal Limit

Pilot of a Boeing 737, operated by Sunwing Airlines, readied for take off, when crew members advised authorities the pilot was behaving strangely. Police said the co-pilot found the captain passed out in the cockpit. Calgary Sergeant Paul Stacey said, “They found him slumped over in the seat. He was the captain.”

Pilot Faces Charges for Being impaired


The captain was removed from the plane and charged with having care and control of an aircraft while being impaired, and having a blood-alcohol level exceeding .08 while in care and control of an aircraft. Police claim the captain had three-times the legal blood-alcohol level. Stacey said, “Because he has as much alcohol in his system as he does, they’re going to wait for him to sober up somewhat before he goes before a justice of the peace.” Police said the pilot’s name will be released after he has appeared in court.

Janine Massey, spokeswoman for Sunwing, praised the crew for handling what she called a “very unfortunate matter.” She continued, “We can confirm that the gate agents, first officer and crew of Sunwing flight 595 departing from Calgary and destined for Cancun, determined that the captain was unfit to fly and reported this accordingly.”

It was reported the plane took off a short time later with another captain. Massey said, “We are very apologetic for any upset that this has caused and would like to assure our customers that safety remains our utmost priority.”



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