Piglet, The Challenged Pink Dog


Piglet the Dog

We all need a happy, inspirational story to read once in a while. Hopefully, you will find this story fits that need. It is a story about a three-year-old dachshund-Chihuahua mix dog. His name is Piglet. He was rescued by a veterinarian living in Connecticut. Piglet suffered from severe anxiety. The six-pound dog also has two other major health issues. He is deaf and he is blind. Some might think his pink color could be another issue but that’s up to each individual’s way of thinking.

Piglet Was Rescued From A Hoarding Situation In Georgia
Piglet, and his mother, were rescued from a home in Georgia where they lived in a home with numerous other animals. Following the rescue, Piglet was sent to Connecticut because his poor health was becoming worse. He weighed a mere pound and a half. He was described as a screaming baby. He was eventually taken into a home where the family agreed to care for him until a “forever” home could be found.

Piglet Finally Settles In After A Number Of Months
Piglet suffered separation anxiety for a number of months. His screaming continued. However, he eventually fell into a routine. He could be found quietly snuggling into his dad’s arms, playing with other dogs in the home, taking long walks in the neighborhood. As time passed he was taken to visit his friends at the bank and pet stores. He soon became a very popular dog who put smiles on everyone’s face. The mother of the house, being a veterinarian, fell in love with Piglet. She decided her family would keep Piglet – and the little dog found his “forever” home.

His Personality Changes With Time
The once screaming dog, despite being deaf and blind soon adapted to his environment. He learned to overcome the many challenges he faced and he dealt with his limitations. He now receives the love and attention that all dogs seek. He has become a special member of his family and has become an enthusiastic dog with a happy and positive disposition.

Piglet Becomes A Part Of An Educational Program
Just because Piglet has found a loving home does not mean that is the end of the story. During this time there was a third-grade teacher, from Massachusetts, who was following Piglet’s story on Facebook. She believed that the dog’s misfortunes would offer an outstanding educational opportunity for her students. She coined the phrase “Piglet Mindset.” She created a growth mindset curriculum. It centers around how a positive attitude can reap rewards when facing difficult challenges. The curriculum illustrates how Piglet’s senses help him to live a happy, meaningful, productive life despite his disabilities. The teacher stressed how Piglet offers an extraordinary example of acceptance, inclusion, and kindness despite his disabilities, abilities, and looks.

The Success Of “Piglet Mindset”
Piglet has become somewhat of a celebrity. The educational materials are now available to everyone and they are being used in the classroom as well as in homes, with scouts, camps, counseling services, senior centers, and individuals with disabilities. And, Piglet now has more than 122,000 followers on the internet.