Philippine President Swears to “Stamp Out” Drugs Using Any Means


President Rodrigo Duterte Says He Will Do What it Takes to Rid of Drugs in the Philippines

It is no secret that the Philippines, for years, have battled the huge problem of crystal meth use. President Rodrigo Duterte swore to stamp out the drug problem using any means available – including murdering the drug addicts, if necessary.


The Quezon City Jail is filled to capacity and overflowing at four times the capacity. More than half of the inmates are being held for drug-related offenses. Sickness and disease are running wild in the locked facility including tuberculosis. Each month the jail sees two or three inmates die inside from some form of medical issue.

Duerte promises to continue his violent actions again drug users until the last one is gone. The Philippine National Police claim that more than 2500 drug suspects have been killed in police operations along with suspected vigilante murders. However, the local media puts the estimated death toll, since July, at over 4000, including innocent victims. The vigilante murders are becoming an incubator business, so to speak. Pay is good at more than $700 per dead drug addict. There is no competition as there is so much business.

The attitude of the jail’s chief inspector, Roselyn Carta, seems to share the same feelings as the president of the Philippines. She says, “Maybe they get one more chance. And if not, it’s fine with me if they _________(fill in the blank) if they do not consider change, then maybe it’s time for them to go.”


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