Pakistani Boy Faces Surgery to Remove the Growth on His Nose


Some of us dislike the look of our nose on our face. I remember, as a high school student, I was called “Ski Slope” due to the bump in my nose. Sometimes it really hurt. However, after seeing what a young boy named Daeima faces, mine was such a small issue.

The young Pakistanian boy was born with nasal encephaloceles. This is a rare birth defect. It causes a lack of bone fusion. This leads to gaps in the skull resulting in portions of the brain to stick out. Although it is explained differently by various people, it is actually the brain sticking out of the nose. Usually, surgical procedures are offered a baby between birth and four months of age. This depends on the size, location, and associated complications. It also depends on if there is a layer of skin that covers the encephalocele. According to Dr. Raza Haroon, he says the only treatment is surgery. If it is left untreated, there is a life-threatening infection, we all know, as meningitis, which can develop.

The doctor is presently waiting for additional tests, including an MRI before he will offer surgery. He said he would only provide surgery if all of the tests are positive. He has also suggested changes for the boy’s diet in hopes of improving his overall health.

The parents have spent all of their life savings after being turned away from several hospitals that said they could not help the boy. The parents finally book Daeima to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, located in Karachi, where they were connected with Dr.Haroon. If Dr. Haroon cannot operate on the boy, then Daeima’s future looks gloomy.

The boy’s father, Jay Ram, said he and his wife were thrilled to welcome their boy to their family after having five daughters. However, they soon noticed a bump on his nose, and it kept growing. It now causes the boy pain. At first, the growth was as large as a small stone in a ring. Now it is very large, as seen in the picture.