Owner Tells Shelter to Euthanize Year-Old Dog


Owner Tells Shelter to Euthanize Clyde

Owner tells shelter to euthanize Clyde, a one-year-old dog. The owner left the dog, who carried around a 6.4 pound mass on his chest, at the shelter. After the owner left the dog and requested he be put down he simply walked away.

Clyde Was to be Euthanized the Day He Came In

The dog, with the heavy tumor hanging from his chest, was to be euthanized the same day he came in. A Gallatin County Animal Shelter employee, Kayla Nunn, told Today that “he seemed like a happy dog. He was really underweight. You would think he’d be scared and have no energy. He was happy to see everybody. He didn’t care if you touched his tumor.”

Kayla, seeing the life the young dog had to give, asked for a three day reprieve from Clyde being put down. She wanted to find him a shelter. She contacted another shelter’s rescue coordinator. Clyde had a new shelter in just four hours at the Hart Animal Rescue of Cincinnati, Ohio.

A Year Old is Way Too Young for a Death Sentence

“Because he’s only a year old, that is way too young for a death sentence,” according to Katie Goodpaster, the lead intake coordinator at Hart. She said, “He was very kind. He was sweet. He just seemed to be happy to get loved on.”

Katie said that Clyde came in with a 12-inch-long tumor weighing over six pounds. It was so big the dog couldn’t but drag it on the ground. This caused it to rupture and bleed. The following day Clyde went for surgery at County Animal Hospital in Mason, Ohio. It took two hours for Dr. Gary Smith and his team to perform surgery. The report says that Clyde’s operation was a complete success.

A few days after Clyde had a death sentence he was now on his way to recovery. One of the care providers at Hart reported that the dog is up walking around. It is reported that he won’t sit still. He’s walking around outside. He wants to play. The care provider reported, “He seems like a whole new dog.”

What does Clyde’s future look like? According to the care provider, once Clyde receives a clean bill of health he will go to a foster home. He will also be neutered once he’s recovered from his major surgery. It is hoped that he will soon find a permanent home.

One thing is for sure – Clyde will live to see Christmas and hopefully many more to follow.