Omar is a B-i-g Cat


Omar the Cat

Omar, the cat, is hoping to become the world’s longest cat. Owner Stephy Hirst says the cat has good genes, a good home, and a lot of raw kangaroo meat. Omar has become quite a popular cat. A few weeks ago, Hirst placed Omar’s picture on Cats of Instagram, and it was shared 270,000 times. 

Another Maine Coon Cat

Hirst thinks that Omar is the longest cat; however, there is another Maine Coon breed with whom she and Omar are competing. That cat measures 3′ 10.5″ long. Omar, according to his owner, measures 3′ 11″. The Melbourne resident said there is a myth that the size of these cats is the result of semi-wild cats breeding with raccoons. Hirst declares this is not accurate information. 

Omar Can Be Considered A Lazy Cat

He’s not proud, Omar is the first cat to admit he is not interested in climbing trees or hurdling over fences. He much prefers finding a nice pillow or bed on which to lay. Hirst says, “He likes to ‘laze around.’ You don’t make it to 31 pounds with a lot of exercises.” He is not as happy as he was as it seems the media is disturbing his naps and ‘free time.’ There are many TV and newspaper interviews. He has even been offered to be a water company’s ‘spokescat.’ This has all caused Omar to have a bit of a meltdown. He would be much more content just doing his own thing like before this nightmare happened to him. Being in the major Australian newspapers and on national TV plainly isn’t Omar’s thing. 

Omar Has His Own Routine

Hirst said that the cat usually wakes up around 5:00 am. He then eats a couple of scoops of dry cat food for his breakfast. Next, he lounges around the house. He also enjoys playing in the backyard, where he naps on the trampoline. In the evening, he eats raw kangaroo meat for his supper. His owner said, “We buy human-grade kangaroo meat at the supermarket. It’s the only meat we could find that he actually wants to eat.” Omar spends the night on the couch. He loves the bed in her bedroom, but he takes up too much space, so Hirst locks him out of the bedroom during the night.

He Does Have Some Exercise

Hirst said that Omar has become quite good at opening doors, kitchen cupboards, shower screens, and wardrobes. She feels he would prefer to go back to his laid-back lifestyle. According to Hirst, “He’s just looking forward to napping on the trampoline, chowing down on some more kangaroo, and trying to keep us awake at night. I think he’ll be glad to go back to being a normal housecat.”

It seems, at nearly four feet long, that Omar can never be a ‘normal’ cat.