Your College Education and Future Career


Your Future Job

If you are preparing to enter college, or returning to school to earn your degree, you may be interested in knowing the areas where jobs need to be filled as well as offer a good starting salary. The first is the position of Petroleum Engineering. If you have a desire to design methods and equipment for the extraction of oil and gas below the Earth’s surface then this job might be right up your alley. Of course, you will have the opportunity to specialize in an area that really interests you such as completions, working on building wells, and so forth. The average entry-level position pays $102,300.

Actuarial Mathematics
If you are big on numbers and enjoy working in statistics, mathematics, and financial theory to analyze riks and uncertainty in financial decisions then this job may be for you. You will probably find yourself working in a life and health insurance agency, with individual wealthy clients, or top business executives. The average entry-level salary is $60,800.
Nuclear Engineering
This is a very specialized occupation. Your goal will be to harness nuclear energy. You will most likely find yourself working in an office environment, a government building, or a consulting firm. A nuclear engineer landing his/her first job generally sees a starting salary of around $67,000.
Business And Information Technology
If you enjoy providing technical assistance to company employees or customers or support an organization’s overall operations then this might be a suitable occupation for you. The average starting pay is $58,900.
Aviation Management
If you find excitement in the area of aviation then this might be the field for you. In this position, you might handle administrative services such as employee relations, staff scheduling, or budget management. You will also be responsible for the guidelines concerning safety and labor. Your entry-level position usually starts at around $48,100.

These are just a few of the jobs open to you. There are thousands and thousands of jobs out there waiting for new graduates. The problem can sometimes be in finding them. It takes dedication and hard work. It also takes a great deal of patience. Perhaps the most important thing for you to know and remember, before declaring your college major, is to fully understand the responsibilities of jobs that interest you – know what the job involves, exactly what you will be doing day after day, and determining if the job fully meets your needs. You should also understand the beginning salary and pay range through the years.