North Koreans Are Required to Collect 220 Pounds of Feces or Pay a Penalty – Kim Jong-Un is Excused


People living in North Korea have a significant task ahead of them. Their leader, Kim Jong-Un, is demanding that households need to provide 220 pounds of feces per person. If any citizen does not meet the quota s/he will be required to pay a fine.

It seems as though some of the citizens are unable to meet the quota. This is resulting in some people stealing from their neighbors. Others are getting their needed quota from public bathrooms. If a person still does not meet the requirement s/he is mixing it with soil to add weight to the feces.

One North Korean reported the agricultural authorities are forcing residents to produce the manure to help the local farmers. This is resulting in people fighting, stealing, and taking over public restrooms to meet their needs. Some people are lucking out; however, if they have not come close to meeting their quota, there are now merchants who are selling dried feces.

Apparently, the citizens living in North Korea are putting their personal feces outside to dry. It is not uncommon to see drying feces in the strangest of places. Some people find it difficult to breathe as it is becoming a part of the landscape. People complain, when going to an outdoor restaurant to eat, the smell of the manure becomes very overpowering.

The people are complaining that it takes so much of their time to care for their feces. This is in addition to making an effort to making a living. People are becoming resentful.

There are some people who are not required to save their feces. Number One, of course, is Kim Jong-Un. Also, all of the government officials are exempt.

It makes one wonder, with such requirements, why would anyone be using a public restroom? This would cause each person, doing so, to lose this important deposit. If two people discover a deposit of feces in a public restroom, who and how is it determined who the recipient will be? Or, might it be split in half? Another concern, how is each feces deposit collected? How is it stored? Does the government provide containers? Are the children required to save their feces? Hopefully, Mr. Un settled all of these issues prior to creating this requirement of his citizens.


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