North Korea Declares it Now Controls Fate of US


North Korea Declares Kim Now Has Great Clout

North Korea Declares Kim Jong-un now has unprecedented clout amid the current crisis. This declaration comes about today as the hermit country launched a second intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan. North Korea tested its first two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in July while conducting its first hydrogen bomb test earlier this month.

NK Says Nuclear Threat From US is Growing

The official Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) stated, “The nuclear threat of the US which is growing more vicious propels the DPRK (Democratic’s People’s Republic of Korea) to continuous development of all means of counterattack including tactical nuclear weapons to the highest level at a maximum speed and to faster deployment of these means ready for battle.”

The KCNA also said, “Whatever means and methods the US may employ, they will never work on the DPRK. The US fate is in the hands of the DPRK.”

Following today’s launching Defense Secretary James Mattis said he immediately went to the US Strategic Command’s operations center in Omaha, Nebraska where he was visiting at the time. The site oversees the US’s nuclear forces. He said, “Steady as she goes,” regarding the launch. He added, “In a deterrent, you can leave no doubt at all. Don’t try it. It won’t work. You can’t take us out.”