NO WAR!!! New Sanctions Instead – Will This Bring Cyberattacks?


It appears the threat of a US war with Iran has been averted. This is great news! Instead, President Donald Trump has said he will place additional sanctions against Iran.

Cyberattack Created By Iran?
It was originally reported that cyberattacks would be one of the ways Iran would retaliate against the US. This was a major fear as it could have led to major digital disruption. Iran is among the world’s most capable and aggressive when it comes to cyberattacks. They have been able to disrupt banking, hack oil companies, and possibly take control of a dam far from their country. It is feared if the US lashes out any further with Iran that their country will unleash a terrifying response. This is agreed upon by analysts and US officials. They said a variety of potential cyberattacks in conjunction with more traditional forms of lethal action would be well within the digital arsenal of a nation that has vowed “severe revenge.” It is still possible if Trump’s sanctions are considered severe by Iran that they may still use cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks Iran Might Produce
The Iranians are capable of overwhelming computerized systems in the US. This would snarl business operations as they did to US banks from 2011 to 2013. They can also use malicious software to wipe out data. They did this at the Las Vegas Sands casino in 2014. In 2012 they wiped out the memories of tens of thousands of computers, crimping oil production to Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

Iran Can Attack Machinery
In 2013 hackers, with ties to Tehran, hijacked crucial machinery over the Internet. They experimented with this at a New York state dam and were able to control systems they penetrated. They can also target sensitive political or diplomatic targets such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. October, of last year, Microsoft reported an attempt to identify, attack, and breach personal email accounts associated with a US presidential campaign, government officials, and journalists. As they proved last night, Iran can strike US military or diplomatic targets abroad. They can also attack targets in allied nations.

Senator Speaks Out
Sen. Mark R. Warner is the top Democratic member on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said, “We know that Iranian cyber operations are currently scoping and preparing to attack our networks – in all sectors of society – to see where they can hit us.”

Can’t We Just Get Along?
According to President Trump’s message today, war has been averted. He said he does not want a war between the two countries and does not plan to strike Iran. However, his plans to place more sanctions against Iran might lead them to create some significant cyberattacks.