Napping can be Done on Your Own Without Following Directions



During these long days of coronavirus, some of us have slipped into the pattern of taking a daily nap. Let’s face it – a nap can be refreshing and re-charge our battery for the rest of our waking hours. Like most everything else in life, the higher-beings have set rules for us to abide by when taking a nap. One of the most common is that you faithfully limit your nap to 20 minutes. The professionals have set several rules and goals for us. We can review some of them, but it doesn’t mean we must follow them!

Napping Provides Benefits

Fortunately, you should never feel guilty if you decide you want to take a nap. When we were younger, we remember our grandmother, who faithfully took her nap at 2:00 pm each day. Fortunately, there were no guidelines in those days. Her 20 minutes might have been more like an hour, or even an hour and a half. The professionals agree on the benefits of napping – they help you to be more alert. This is important, of course, so that we can enjoy our late-night TV shows. A nap also improves our memory. Another plus, as we will be more equipped to remember the “days of the coronavirus.” Finally, a third benefit is that napping helps us to be more productive. After your nap, you will look forward to going outside in the hot sun, mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and pruning the shrubs. Or going in the kitchen and washing all of the dishes, from two days ago, since your dishwasher broke down. Oh, the value of a 20-minute nap!

Napping Rules To Live By

The professionals say the best time to take a nap is between 1 pm and 2 pm. However, you do not get that full hour to rest. No, you get 20- minutes to visit la-la-land (I think I will go for the hour. At my age no one can tell me how long I can nap, for heavens sakes). The professionals say 20- minutes of rest will help you to feel refreshed and alert instead of being groggy. (My thoughts are that I will really feel groggy, not to mention grouchy, if I lay down for a mere 20-minutes.) 

Half-Military Crawl Position

The professionals have developed a specific way for all of us to lay to prevent fidgeting and tossing when starting our napping. This position involves lying on your chest. Your head should be on a pillow and facing right. Your arms should be at your side with the palms facing upwards. You are now ready to take your right hand and place only the top part (nothing more people, just the top part) under your pillow and head. Finally, they say you should move your right knee to the side and bend it to form a 90-degree angle with your body. Give me a break; I like to lay flat on my back, with my left and right arm crossed over the top of my face while my legs wander in any fashion they choose. We are not in the Army (at least most of us are not). We can choose to lay in whatever position which feels comfortable to us. Whoever heard of directions for napping? Bah humbug!

Can you imagine that people earn money by coming up with such ideas as to how to nap? There are books, videos, articles on the proper way to take a nap. Maybe this is the reason Frank Sinatra sang the song, “I Did It My Way.”