Naked and Afraid, or Are They?


Naked? Afraid?

Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid,”  21 days a man and a woman, meet, for the first time, in the nude. Their goal is to survive in an extreme environment with no food, no water, and no clothes. During their venture, which might be in Canada, Texas, Australia, Alabama, Croatia, to name a few locations, they will deal with difficult climates, while being confronted by deadly animals such as deadly reptiles, bears, and large cats.

It’s All Up To The Contestants
The first accomplishment each of the seven couples will want to face, one couple per episode is to create a shelter. This will create an appetite and thirst so next, they will want to search for food and water. These might be the easiest tasks because the days ahead will expose them to different scenes of danger. This is when their mental challenge will be challenged. Their survival depends on their physical and mental strength.

The Show Is Popular
“Naked and Afraid” has created a growing audience. Their Twitter account has grown to nearly 70,000 followers while Instagram has more than 50,000 followers. This 10th season will take place in Alaska. Viewers will need to tune in to discover the one survival item each player has brought along in an attempt to survive on their own. The contestant might choose a knife, matches, a cup but it will be whatever they believe is essential.

Not A Naturist Show
“Naked and Afraid” is not a naturist show. It might be placed in the reality TV genre. You might look at it along the line of “Survivor” without clothes. It is a non-sexual show. Social nudity is in harmony with nature. There is a respect for the environment. Those curious people who have never watched the show – no, you don’t see the private parts, as pixelation is used to blur anything not usually seen on TV – breasts and the genital area.

Contestants Not Alone
Although the survivalists, for the most part, are on their own there is the watchful camera and production crew that captures the activities of the nudists. They are also there to assist in case of medical or other emergencies. And, just to keep things fair and equal, they are there to prevent anyone from cheating. ThereContestants get paid $218.98 per week. Winners receive from $5,000 to $75,000 depending on who you believe and who you ask.

Naked And Afraid
You will see a lot of behinds and backs. You will see contestants facing grave danger. You will also see them getting sick and watching them heal. Once in a while, you might see a contestant give in and leave the show – but not often.
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