Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the Special Women in the World!


For all the Special Moms…

Happy Mother’s Day! Hopefully, you will receive some greeting cards and flowers. You might also receive an expensive necklace or perfume. However, this Mother’s Day is different from those in the past. Last year people spent a whopping $25 billion on buying gifts for their moms. This year the amount of spending will be significantly lower because of the coronavirus. 

How Will You Celebrate?

In years past, Mother’s Day was celebrated in many different ways. Most people had some type of family get-together. There might have been a family outing, a brunch, or some other special event. This year, while practicing social distancing, there will be fewer hugs and fewer kisses.

The Virus Will Cause Issues

Many adult children away at school, working a distance from home, and so forth will find themselves back home. Their presence will make mom happy on this special day. For older children whose parents are living in some type of independent living facility, it will be a problem to spend time with mom in person. The grandchildren, who she loves to see, will not be able to visit her. This is due to the community restrictions.

You Can Still Make The Day Special

You need to think about your mom and be creative in what you might do to help her celebrate. Many people think that a designer face mask is a perfect gift with the pandemic. This gift is just a reminder of the pandemic, so scratch it off your list. Flowers are always lovely and pleasantly received. However, in this stay-at-home time, a house plant might be nicer – and it will still be around next year.

Other Ideas

A “home-made” gift can be the best of all. Consider buying a picture-holder book. Select snapshots from the past and insert them inside the book. You can make it more special by adding decorations to the cover of the book. If you don’t like this idea, how about creating a family video to share with your mom. This will last a lifetime, and she will love it. You might also give her something in support of a hobby she enjoys. This can be anything from paint and brushes for her oil paintings, to cookbooks if she really enjoys cooking.

Spend A Few Virtual Hours With Her

Your mom will love the idea of spending time via a video call. This will allow her to see and talk with her children and her grandchildren. This might be the nicest gift of all!

Diane Gottsman, the author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life,” says, “Mother’s Day isn’t about the money, and it’s not about the gift. It’s about the gesture and the thoughtfulness.”

Just remember that you have only one mother – after she’s gone, no one can ever replace her.