Microsoft Set to Win EU Approval for Linkedin Buy


Microsoft Set to Pay $26 Billion to Buy Linkedin

It is suggested that the EU will finally approve Microsoft’s purchase of Linkedin, the professional social network, for $26 billion. Last week the giant Microsoft told the European Commission that it would still allow Linkedin’s rivals access to its software. This would include such programs as the Outlook. It would also allow hardware makers the option of installing competitor’s professional networks on computers following the purchase.


This is the largest acquisition Microsoft has ever been involved with. As it gears up for the next-generation in the computer field, this will allow Microsoft to add a suite of sales, marketing and recruiting services to the business products presently available.

Salesforce has criticized the deal after losing out on the bidding for Linkedin. The competitor urged regulators to review antitrust and data privacy issues before the approval.

Microsoft declined comment from the Salesforce. as did the commission. which has scheduled a decision on the deal by December 6.